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QA Flare is a hybrid platform & service that helps software teams ship better software faster by taking QA completely off their plate.

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Why QA Flare

Bugs sneak out when less than 80% of user flows are tested before shipping. But getting that kind of coverage — and staying there — is hard and pricey for any sized team. That’s why we built QA Flare. We take testing off your plate. We get you complete coverage in just 4 months and keep you there with 24-hour maintenance and on-demand test creation. You get unlimited, parallel test runs on our infrastructure, and we guarantee zero flakes. It’s like magic but it’s QA Flare.

  • Human-verified bug reports
  • A test matrix, and outline for every user flow
  • 24-hour test maintenance
  • 80% coverage in 4 months
  • 3-minute QA cycles
  • Unlimited test runs (included)
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Working with QA Flare

When you can ship faster, you can ship more. We keep pace with your team so every new feature is as well tested as the last.

  • Plan out coverage: Everything starts from an outline. It’s an inventory of test cases, prioritized by need and value, covering everything a user could do. When we’re done, we might know your product better than you do.
  • Reproduce and report 24/5: QA Flares reproduce every bug, and record a video walk-thru that we send to your issue tracker with trace logs.
  • Maintain the tests: Your product is always changing, and we’re always updating your tests along with it. No matter how big the change or how often you ship.
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Knowing what to test is an art, knowing how to test is a science. We’ve mastered both.

Testing challenges:

  • Uploading and downloading
  • Adaptive and responsive
  • Multi-user workflows
  • DOM-less content
  • Email and SMS
  • MFA and SSO
  • Third-party embeds
  • Website and App performance
  • Accessibility
  • Third-party integrations

What Users Are Saying About QA Flare

Don’t just take our word for it - hear from some of our satisfied users! Check out some of our testimonials below to see what others are saying about QA Flare.

Innovative approach to QA that allowed us to get coverage in record time. QA Flare gives us the best of both worlds: we can get these results without having to hire a huge staff.
Jigish Mehta

Jigish Mehta

Director of Engineering - Fanatics Bettings, Ex Paypal, Ex Ebay, Ex Opentable, Ex Rakuten

It’s transformed our testing process. We can focus on higher-value tasks and get faster and more reliable releases.

Parth Parikh

Parth Parikh

Staff Software Engineer - Reddit, Ex Nokia, Ex Rakuten, Ex Apple

Overall the service is amazing and there’s nothing else out there that would do this for us. It’s added a ton of stability to our development process and made it way less stressful to merge changes.

Harsh Ravani

Harsh Ravani

Founder - Fly Over International Ltd, based in UK, India.

I can’t think of a single bug that’s gotten through.

Mr. Mehta

Mr. Mehta

Founder - Start Change app

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